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The Department of Paper and Leather Conservation started to take form in the years 1968-1969. It was separated from the Department of Technology and Painting Techniques, which was undergoing a reorganisation process at that time. The newly created organisational unit managed by Prof. Alicja Strzelczyk started to educate students in the specialization of paper and leather conservation and restoration. Such orientation of the course of study resulted from the need to prepare specialists in the field of conservation and restoration of archive and library collections.
In the following years, the scope of the Department’s activity widened to include issues related to the conservation of other historic objects from paper and leather, such as: black and white or colour graphics, watercolours, pastels, drawings, chromolithographic prints, posters, painting on paper and silk scrolls – historical objects of east art, handwritten books and books printed on the parchment and paper, ephemeral prints, note notations, atlases, plans, globes, paper and parchment documents, wax and lead seals, wax tablets, photographs, book bindings, cordovans, leather furniture upholstery, historical horse saddles and horse tacks, archaeological leather objects.
The Department of Paper and Leather Conservation is the only university-based research and educational centre in Poland which performs research in the field of conservation of works of art on paper and leather surface, as well as in the field of biodegradation and disinfection of historic objects. The Department consists of the following laboratories and studios:
• The Conservation Studio for Historic Objects on Paper Surface
• The Conservation Studio for Archive Objects 
• The Conservation Studio for Handwritten and Printed Books
• Studio for Artistic Bookbinding
• The Conservation Studio for Cordovans, Archaeological Leather and other historic objects from leather
• Microbiology, Biodeterioration and Disinfection Laboratory
• The Conservation Studio for Oriental Works of Art

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